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As we all know, Lights are an essential part of any room, but why go for just an ordinary light if you can get something that serves the same purpose but in a much creative and stunning way at an affordable cost like a LED Neon Sign? If you have your ideas, such as inspirational texts or any original art, we can convert them into neon light and bring life to that boring wall. You can even decide on the color, font, and design that you want to represent yourself with your very own artwork! Request a quote to get a personalized neon artwork now.
  • Neon LED Flex Signs are one of the safest choices if you're looking for a neon lighting sign; it is harmless as it contains no toxic materials like mercury in neon glass.
  • It is also durable due to flexible silicone tubes that don't shatter or heat up like other light-up signs.
  • More energy-efficient compared to glass as it consumes 15x less power..
  • This type of sign is also a lot more affordable compared to the traditional neon glass sign.
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Custom LED Neon Lights
Want a custom neon light that is easy on your pocket? Then, a Custom LED Neon Light will outshine in all neon lighting options available in the market. We do LED party neon signs, LED neon wall signs, light up signs for businesses, LED neon lamps, and LED neon lights for rooms, that will surely be able to impress and snatch anyone's attention with its bright aesthetic light at an incredibly economical price that would fit your budget.

Open Neon Signs
Want to convey your availability to your passerby to have maximum footfall at your place? Neon LED Flex Signs are what you need. A bright storefront Open/Closed neon sign attracts the attention you need even from a distance.

We do simple flashing open sign, vertical open signs, oval shapes, and open sign, but if you want your sign to show more details than an "Open 24 hours" neon sign, "Now open" neon sign or "We are open" signs can fit your purpose. We have customized several open signs for multiple business fields like open bar neon signs, open signs for restaurants, or Pub open sign; we indeed got all that covered.
Open Neon Signs
Neon lighting for a room
Neon LED Flex Signs have become a popular way to decorate any room or wall which needs a change. It can illuminate your entire home with style and give that space the vibe it needs. It being safe has made it an ideal option for any one's home and, especially for a child's room.

Brighten up every corner with varieties of sign, neon signs for the living room, bedroom neon sign, cute neon signs for kids room, neon kitchen signs, or neon signs wall art. Create your own custom sign, motivational phrases, just random thought to represent you, or with a personalized neon name sign. LED Neon signs can be almost any part of our home; it can hang or be mounted practically anywhere. We can customize every sign as per your need.

Commercial lighted signs
Customizing your neon sign is a great way to establish your brand identity. The unique and creative look of a sign creates that sense of curiosity for those who see it, making it easy for them to remember a specific brand. Personalize our artistic neon signs with your business name or with a message you want to convey to your crowd.

A simple flashing effect with red and white colors may not do justice to what your business needs, that is why we offer a wide range of colors to choose from and different types of backings so we can create the perfect custom made a neon sign to represent your brand or business in the best possible way. It doesn't matter what your line of business is, a store selling luxury products, beverages or gaming zones, a garage or a dentist clinic, whatever it is, we can undoubtedly make a sign that will make your brand stand out.
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No Breakage Guranteed

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Lowest Price Guarantee

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