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What's your privacy policy?

We have policies to ensure that your information is used only to provide you with the best shopping experience. We use a secured server (SSL, Secure Socket Layer) for all our orders; your personal information, such as your credit card number, is well encrypted and hence providing safe and secure transactions in all. Read more...

What is your delivery time?

Your custom made LED sign gets delivered in 2-4 weeks from the date of purchase. If you find your neon LED sign damaged upon receiving, please, notify us at within 24 hours of receipt. We will do our best to help you with your problem.

What are the colors I can have on my custom sign?

We have a range of colors to select for your personalized LED neon signs, which are bright and pleasant to look upon on any backdrop.

Are neon signs safe to use at home?

Neon LED signs are a safe option to light up your home in style because the material used is high-quality flame retardant silicone. LED neon signs don't contain any harmful elements like mercury and phosphor, which are part of some light-up signs in the market.

How long neon LED signs are expected to last?

Neon signs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours; it won't affect their longevity even if kept ON 24/7. It is proven to be extremely durable and is also maintenance-free.

Will I be refunded if I receive a sign broken in shipping?

f in case you receive a sign broken during shipping, we make sure to repair or replace the sign, but we never refund the money as all sales made are final. Our breakage rate is less than 1% as we pack all our signs with extreme care making sure that it can withstand and be safe even during rough transit, so getting a broken sign is highly unlikely. Please refer to our warranty and shipping policies to know more..

What's included in the custom made LED sign package?

All our signs come with an on/off switch on 6ft power cord, hanging chains, small standoff bolts, and a power adapter.

Do I need professional help to install the sign?

Our signs are easy to plug and play and don't require professional help for installation. Hang the sign easily using the hanging chains or wall mount the sign using standoff bolts.

What are the fonts I am limited to for my custom text sign?

There is no limitation on font styles for you to pick. You can choose from our handpicked font and design your sign online or give us a font style referral through a request quote.

What are the different backing styles?

We offer different kinds of backings depending on material, backing color, and shape of the backing.
  • The Edge cut backing is where the acrylic backing is cut to the shape of the design/letters.
  • Square backing is just a regular rectangular or square shape acrylic backing.
  • Almost hidden backing is where the metal backing is cut very close to the design of each letter, making it almost not visible.
  • Metal Frame is a type of metal backing where tubing is supported by metal rods.
We have black or clear(transparent) colors option for Edge cut and Square backing.

How do you pack the Neon Signs?

Very carefully. Please refer How we pack

Can't find the answer to your question?

For any other questions not covered on this page, please feel free to contact us at You can also reach us on our contact page.

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

Our privacy policy secures all your private information such as credit card information. We promote secure shopping on the internet with an experience in ecommerce business for over decade.

No Breakage Guranteed

No Breakage Guranteed

We guarantee a breakage free delivery. If the sign arrives broken, we gladly replace the respective part which is easy to replace.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee

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